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Expand Your Horizons The common sense approach to increasing your profits and productivity.

In today’s environment, there are many issues that companies must face and overcome in order to succeed.  Regardless of the type or size of your company, success is dependent on the development and utilization of your most valuable assets, knowledge of your business and your people.

The Expand Your Horizons series has been designed to help companies, such as yours, address the complex issues faced in today’s business environment by helping your people become more profitable and productive.

We have over 30 years of sales, marketing, administrative and management experience.  We understand the problems you face from personal experience in the business arena.  Our consultants’ experience combines practical business world experience in start-up organizations and Fortune 500 companies.  Our program consists of seven modules tailored to address your specific issues and involve your people in the presentation.  Our presentations range from one hour, one day, one week or whatever time is required to address your specific needs.

We have a 100% commitment to providing quality service and never assume we have all the answers.  We don’t believe in wasting your time or money.  Therefore, we insist on discussing your business and the topics that are most important to you prior to accepting any engagement.  After discussing your needs, we will mutually determine if our program will be beneficial for you or we will recommend another company.  We provide a management summary for each engagement which includes evaluations and feedback from the attendees.  Our program is also reimbursable through various co-op programs offered by suppliers.


Each module is tailored to your requirements.

Customer Management Skills

  • By understanding the customer’s overall structure and requirements, your people can focus their marketing efforts to ensure maximum profitability from each account.  This module will help you establish and maintain mutually beneficial, profitable and creative long-term relationships with the customers you choose to do business with.

Career & Personnel Management

  • Employee turnover is one of the highest direct and indirect expenses a business experiences.  Career changes can also impact the employee.  Effective employee/management development, performance planning and evaluation, interviewing techniques, suggestion programs, compensation and benefits analysis will help reduce turnover by keeping the employees challenged and focused on long-term career objectives.

Time Management

  • In order to be 100% effective, employees must understand the relative value of their time based on their monthly objectives.  Our approach will help people focus on how much time they actually have to be in front of decision makers and how to “beat the clock”.

Identifying Key Markets

  • Identifying the right customers and natural competitors are critical components of a successful business. Our territory coverage strategies focus on how to identify the markets where you can effectively and profitably compete.

Business Administration

  • Every business must inspect what is expected. Proper focus on expense and inventory controls, salaries, and financial information can make a difference to your bottom line objective.

Financial Justification

  •  In today's price sensitive market customers are more concerned with the purchase price instead of the total cost of ownership. To ensure the highest level of profitability and customer satisfaction, you must re-focus the customer's attention on the true cost of ownership and the benefits of your products and services.

Listening, Questioning & Closing Skills

  •  Every purchasing decision is based on 1 to 5 basic requirements. Our "Magnetic Approach" allows you to pull people to your way of thinking by listening, asking and answering the right questions to satisfy the customer's needs. Effective closing skills will also allow you to obtain a higher close rate.


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Here is what our clients have to say…

“Thank you very much for the fine presentation on the customer account management seminar.  In these days of ever increasing competition and pricing, we all need every advantage we can get.”

“We feel the positive thoughts and information you shared with us help not only meet, but exceed our sales and company goals.  This is the type of meeting more manufacturers should hold as a sales aid.”

“During a time in our industry when so many sales people and manufacturers alike seem to be caught up in only providing the lowest price, it was refreshing to have our staff get some good old fashion pencil selling techniques.”

“We are continually looking for this type of training, because it gives the sales reps real hands-on experience”

“Thank you very much for presenting your Financial Analysis or “Pencil Selling” technique and sharing your observations on time management with our sales staff.  We are confident that utilizing your techniques will significantly increase our sales in a highly competitive environment.”

“Your program hits home.  We need to be the best we can as sales and support people to compete in the winning arena.  I have been selling for 25 years and have attended many sessions around the country.  Your program ranks right up there with the best ever.”

Please call us today and we will be glad to discuss your requirements and the fee structure for our program.

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