Return of the Events: 6 Products for Concerts and More

  • May 25, 2024

Live music is back! Venues are opening their doors, and artists are announcing tour dates again. After more than a year of few to no events for most places, bands, club promoters, venue owners, and more are ready to get back out there and start entertaining.

But no event is complete without merch! If you’re looking to promote your event, here are six of our favorite promotional products perfect for the entertainment industry:


Tee Shirt

Did you really go to a concert if you didn’t buy the shirt? Branded tees are a hallmark of live events, and attendees love to grab one to commemorate their experience. Go simple with just your logo, or go all out with a full-color graphic on the front and back – the possibili”tees” are endless!



Opens bars, VIP lounges, and more: these custom Tyvek event wristbands are perfect for keeping track of your attendees and where they can and can’t be admitted. With your event’s logo printed on the band, these handy little bracelets also make a great scrapbook item!

Tote Bags

Tote Bag

People who’ve been missing out on events over the past year are probably going to go a little nuts at the merch booth now that live events are back. Make sure you have some branded tote bags available so they can easily hold and carry all their purchases during the show! With your venue or band’s info printed on the front, this is a bag that they’re sure to use over and over.

Water Bottles


If you’re handing out plain bottles of water, you’re missing out on valuable branding opportunities! Have your event’s information printed on the label of these convenient bottles of spring water for an easy way to increase your venue’s name recognition with bands, crew, attendees, and more.

Stadium Cups

Stadium Cup

Speaking of beverages, logoed stadium cups are the perfect vessel for drinks, both fountain and alcoholic. Attendees love taking these washable and reusable cups home to fill with their own drinks, and you’ll love the lasting impressions that these inexpensive take-home cups will give.

Grub Tub

Grub Tub

This innovative product allows your attendees to tote around their drinks and snacks all in one hand! Place food in the basket and slide the drink’s straw into the middle to securely store snacks atop a tasty beverage. Grub tubs are an exciting way to serve food at your events that guests are sure to remember!

Curious about what other rockin’ promos we have for your events? Contact us today to learn more!

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